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Section A

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Section B

  • To be listed as a Plan Holder, check the column marked Plan Holder below.
  • To request to bid as Prime Contractor, check the column marked Bid as Prime below and complete section C.
  • To request to be a Confidential Bidder, check the column marked Confidential. Plan Holders are not considered to be confidential.
  • If no boxes are checked, you will not be listed as a Plan Holder or be considered to bid as a Prime Contractor.
Plan Holder Bid as Prime Confidential Proposal Number Description of Proposal

Section C

If requesting to bid as a Prime Contractor, this section must be completed.
Requests for bidding proposals must be on file with the Bureau of Project Development no later than 11:45 AM
of the last business day preceding the letting
and must include ALL outstanding work.

Notification of bid eligibility will be sent via email to the contact person listed on this form, and no paper proposal will
be sent. You MUST have a current Annual Bid Bond on file with the Wisconsin DOT to bid online.

Outstanding Work

We, the above identified firm, declare that the following statements of incomplete work are true, accurate,
and complete as of:**

The dollar amount of ALL incomplete work according to the engineer's, architect's, or owner's latest estimate,
now under contract as follows.

Note: If you have no incomplete work, write "NONE" below.


** Amount includes only that work for which you are responsible with your own crews and equipment.

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Section D