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Emergency Services Contract Directory

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When an emergency strikes, WisDOT may use emergency procedures to immediately select a contractor to reopen damaged facilities. WisDOT may also rent specific equipment to meet special purpose needs. The purpose of the directory is to provide a list of firms potentially available for emergency work if needed and businesses capable of providing equipment. WisDOT utilizes competitive bidding using the monthly letting schedule as much as possible. If a project can not be scheduled in a regular letting, an expedited letting may be held. Expedited letting information can be found at http://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/doing-bus/contractors/hcci/expedited-let.aspx . Emergency contracts are used in lieu of the previous two options.

Contractors of all sizes and equipment rental businesses are invited to express their interest in potentially performing emergency work or providing equipment for WisDOT:

Typical types of work include:

Frequently Asked Questions

The state statutes that pertain to emergency contracting:

84.07 Maintenance of state trunk highways.
(1b) Emergency Repair And Protection Of State Trunk Highways. To accomplish prompt repair, protection or preservation of any state trunk highway which has been closed or is being jeopardized by extraordinary damage by flood, structure failure, slides, or other extraordinary condition of necessity and emergency, the department may, if it is deemed for the best interest of the state, proceed at once to repair or protect the highway with forces and services of private constructors and agencies, summarily engaged by the department and cause said work to be done by negotiated contract or agreement without calling for competitive bids, provided that any such contract or agreement involving an estimated expenditure in excess of $10,000 shall be subject to approval of the governor before it becomes effective. Please call 608-266-1631 to modify data that has been submitted.